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I'm a 40-something Mom to a first grader! Wait a second...she's officially a 2nd grader now. Would someone please stop the clock?!

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Bart-Millard.jpgJeremy and I had a chance to chat with MercyMe lead singer Bart Millard the other day and I'm still smiling from the stories he shared. It seems that all the guys in the band were really struggling during the recording of their last album, The Hurt and the Healer. After a long time of biblical counsel and praying, God has renewed their hope and their faith in Him and now they wanna share it with everyone. MercyMe is like a whole new band, and the album that just released today is all about that. Welcome to the New hits stores, Amazon, and iTunes today. You might want to check it out. And, if you want some incredible encouragement? Check out the interview we aired with Bart:

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Praying.pngThanks to Larry Von Behren for chatting with us this morning. Larry is a team leader with a new organization called Illinois Strong that's funded through federal grants and other organizations.

Illinois Strong works in conjunction with other relief agencies to make sure families and individuals still struggling in the aftermath of the tornado on November 17 are able to get the assistance they need.

If you need help with tree removal, glass in your soil, necessities, cleaning supplies, or counseling, please contact Larry directly at 309-613-4702. And, don't forget to post any needs you have related to that storm that ravaged such a large part of central lllinois at LoveRebuilds.org!

Let's keep praying for our neighbors. This community is different. This community is a special place. With God's help, this community WILL make Illinois strong again! LOVE!!!

~ Jill

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Scott Hamilton from Iamsecond.comUsually I wouldn't take 10 1/2 minutes to watch a video on YouTube. But...

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Welcome to the chance to do something huge this Valentine's Day! By signing the pledge below you're making a commitment to the people who matter most in your life. You're giving them the gift of time and attention. And, really, is there any better way to say, "I Love You?"

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b2ap3_thumbnail_snow-day-copy.jpgKiddos out of school today? You probably didn't hear about it in a fun way like this! Principal Detweiller of Stephens Elementary in Boone County Schools in Kentucky left a rockin' message for parents about yet another snow day: