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Jill Tracey

I'm a 40-something Mom to a first grader! Wait a second...she's officially a 2nd grader now. Would someone please stop the clock?!

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Here's a quick, fun, & {most importantly} EASY recipe for summer. You and the kiddos can whip this up for a unique, refreshing treat for your next pool party, family reunion, or just to munch on at home. Thanks to the folks at Macaroni Kid Peoria for the great idea!

Father's Day is always interesting for me. So many feelings of joy as we celebrate my hubs and my step-dad. But, still a void where my dad used to fit. It also challenges me to embrace forgiveness while trying to remember the good times, even when the good time are a little hard to remember.   

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One thing I dislike as a parent is having to make the big, hard decisions. I really wish there was a Decisions-Made-For-You Hotline I could call when I just can't choose. But...I'm the mom. I have to work with my hubs to come up with what's best and go with it.

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They're 25, married, college graduates, just starting out in life. And, oh yeah, they're completely DEBT FREE! 

How did Nicole and Ethan Hoinacki of Lincoln do it?

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I was SO disturbed by a news article from Reuters that says a new study shows American kids are reading, but not well and not often. What a sad thing.

First of all, readers are leaders. Learning to read well opens doors for our young people in so many ways. Secondly, what a loss for the kiddo who never grasps the love of a story...the chance to lose him or herself in a good book is a rite of childhood and a pleasure to be enjoyed throughout one's life, in my humble opinion. So, it's time for us to get excited about reading again! The WCIC listening family sure did their part this morning by calling in to share their family's favorite book(s) to read together. We heard about so many great options that we just had to pass them on.