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 The faith journey of a lifetime!

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Scott Hamilton from Iamsecond.comUsually I wouldn't take 10 1/2 minutes to watch a video on YouTube. But...

b2ap3_thumbnail_Plumb1_large.jpgContemporary Christian Music artist Plumb (In My Arms, Need You Now) is coming to Peoria with Winter Jam 2014 on Sunday, January 26. {So excited, I love her music.} But, I'm even more excited for her to share the HOPE of what God has done in her life. She joined Jeremy and me on the show this morning and all I can say is, "WOW!" She's right, there's ALWAYS hope. Even in the darkest moment. 

Want a major pick-me-up? Whether you're facing divorce, money problems, or just stubbed your toe on the vacuum because somebody forgot to put it away (oh, that was me)...you will be encouraged if you listen to the full interview right now. This even includes the bits and pieces we didn't have time to play on air. Enjoy, and may your weekend be filled with peace, joy, and HOPE!

Plumb (1/2)

Plumb (2/2)

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Finally sharing my thoughts on Miley Cirus...except they have nothing to do with Miley Cirus.

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We can only hope that if we received Lennie's diagnosis we'd have the same eternal perspective...incredible words and wisdom here, thank you, Lennie!