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Posted by in Faith and Following Jesus :: 

Jeremy and I had heard and read some amazing things about a little girl named Caity who would have turned 9 today. Sadly, Caity died suddenly just over a week ago after contracting a Super Influenza Bug.  Although Caity left this world way before anyone could have imagined, she's left an incredible legacy behind.

Abby Anderson, WCIC Promotions Assistant, sent us this email after speaking with Caity's Mom (Kary) and their pastor (Father Peter): A special aspect of Caity's character is that, even at 8 years old, she was aware of what everyone else needed and reached out to others. She cared for other students and made sure everybody felt included. "Caity would say that, 'The only thing that matters is that people know Jesus!' Caity's parents expressed that their hope is that through this loss, people would consider their relationship with God. Duane (Caity's Dad) testified that there are many people who are coming to Christ since her passing, "Through this, those who didn't know, came to know God, and those who might have been lukewarm in their relationship, are renewing their vigor towards being closer to God. My cousin told me that he opened his Bible for the first time." Father Peter Zorjan also said that he's had three conversions this past week. "That is what Caity would have wanted," said her mother Kary.

Amazing girl...amazing family. And, amazing how God is working even in the darkness. Here's an on-air tribute from Mornings with the Traceys today. Happy HEAVENLY Birthday, Caity!

{audio leftbg:79c948}Mornings with the Traceys|Tribute to Caity Theonnes|caity.mp3{/audio}

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