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When's the last time you did...nothing?

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I gave up TV for lent. But, not always so joyfully. Especially last night. I was going through some type of withdrawal and it was dragging me down. HARD. I needed to watch something. I'd had a bad day. My child has been sick. I deserved a little TV time! Right? And, I would've watched gleefully were it not for that pesky hubby of mine.

"You don't want to watch TV! You said you didn't. Let's just sit on the couch, eat our dinner, and talk."

Oh...Kay...I...guess! (Grrrr)

Of course, he was right. After dinner we spent a little time praying together for Alyssa and some other things going on in our lives at the moment. Then, I unloaded and loaded the dishwasher, did a load of towels for the radio station, folded and put away the clothes that had been in the dryer, bagged up all the garbage and put it right in front of the garage door for Jeremy to take out in the morning, and planned what I would wear today. Then I still had time to read some of the Chasing Mona Lisa novel on my iPhone, get ready, and actually get in bed at a decent hour so I could get up at a decent hour.

Yeah, nothing outrageous. But the difference was I did these things...at...a...leisurely...pace. What a difference! You know, instead of getting done with two hours (that I so deserved) of vegging in front of the tube and then realizing...oh, great, I still need to do the dishes, wash those towels, fold that laundry, and try to figure out what I'm going to wear in the morning! And then fall in to bed after staying up too late to get all that stuff done.

Hmmm...maybe there's something to this "no TV" thing after all.

As I was folding socks I looked at Jeremy and said, "Thank you for not letting me watch TV tonight. You were right. In fact, maybe I'll give it up COMPLETELY."

Sigh...Rolling Eyes..."Why do you always go to such extremes?" (He knows me too well, I think.)

It's just who I am, my love, it's just who I am!

What can you get done when you ditch TV?

TV-Free hugs & kisses,


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The news is grim, but there IS something we can do...

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Can one song really make a difference in the real world? It did for this teen who was headed in a truly dark direction. Click on "Read More" to hear his story!