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b2ap3_thumbnail_quarter.jpg12 things you should buy at Aldi -- but why stop there?

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They're 25, married, college graduates, just starting out in life. And, oh yeah, they're completely DEBT FREE! 

How did Nicole and Ethan Hoinacki of Lincoln do it?


What does a mom with teen boys do when her family's income is cut by 75%? She gets extreme! Read Jill Savage's tips on couponing and getting the best deals at the grocery store!

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A recent article from Focus on the Family says the subject of money raises the heat level {in marriages where the couples are ages 18-40} more than any other topic. How DO we discuss money without donning the proverbial boxing gloves? My favorite tips are in the section called Communicating About Budgets. Jeremy and I can definitely use some fine-tuning when it comes to the skill of setting spending parameters without letting the emotions fly. I'd love to hear about any progress you see in talking money with your honey.