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Rachel Taylor‎, Fat Shaming

Credit to Facebook


Facebook user Rachel Taylor shared a story about her shopping experience at Old Navy. Taylor says she was hurt after a teenage girl held up a plus size American Flag shirt and laughed, saying, "Look! Me and so-and-so can fit into this tank top." Taylor heard the conversation and said she went out to her car to cry. Then, Taylor got some personal strength. Taylor said she went back into Old Navy, put on the tank top and took a picture of herself. The picture and message has gone viral.

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The semi colon usually separates two related sentences.   In the case of people who have been struggling with depression, addiction and other struggles-- it is a sign of strength. CLICK HERE to read more from Project Semicolon.

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Fireworks will be held this Friday at Sterling’s Westwood Fitness and Sports Center.   The cost is $5 for a carload of people.   In Dixon, fireworks are scheduled for Sunday at 9 p.m.  The display is a part of the annual Petunia Festival.

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