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Jessey Eagan is a woman like many others you might know in central Illinos. She's a wife and a mother of two angelic looking creatures. She's also the Children's Director at Imago Dei church in Peoria. Oh, and she happens to be wearing hijab...the traditional head covering worn by Muslim women around the world.

Oh, THAT lady!

Maybe you've seen her on CNN or your local TV news. But, what's the story behind it all: Why is this white, Christian woman wearing an Islamic garment for the forty days of Lent? Jeremy and I caught up with Jessey this morning to ask that very question, and to hear a little about the response she's received both locally and internationally as her story has gone viral. 

Personally, I adore Jessey's attempts to remind herself of how it feels to be on the fringe of a society as well as our call to love EVERYONE...not just the neighbor who looks, speaks, and acts like us. On top of all that...I truly appreciate the challenge to take my perceived realities and toss them out the window. 

Here's our chat from this morning on the show:

Jessey Eagan Chat Part 1

Jessey Eagan Chat Part 2

Interested in learning more about this fellow Christ follower and her passion for love and understanding? Check out Jessey's Blog

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