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A Crowder Chat

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b2ap3_thumbnail_new-crowder.jpgHow many times has David Crowder (Lift Your Head Weary Sinner, Come As You Are, I Am) been asked about his hair? Probably more times than there are strands in his beard...but we still went there. You see, Jeremy's had a hair-envy issue with David for years. It was time to bring it to light. Plus, we don't think the Dove Award winning and Grammy nominated singer/songwriter minds talking about his hair. Not at all.

When Crowder joined us on Mornings with the Traceys today, there was talk about more than just hair. We chatted about a little thing he's got going on social media with his #mypeople posts. We also got to hear his take on this year's Winter Jam tour coming to Peoria on March 20th, and about the time he totally freaked out his wife. Here's the whole conversation:

David Crowder Chat


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