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Are You GEEK Enough?!

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b2ap3_thumbnail_star-wars.png Who wants tickets to see Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens? Wait, let me rephrase that...who wants FREE tickets to see Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens in a special viewing on Opening Night***?

You? Oh, OK, great. I just have one question...

 Are you GEEK enough?!

That's right. You're going to have to earn it, friend, and I'm not going to make it easy. OK, OK, Jill says I can't make it too tough. But, there has to be some work, right?

Starting this Monday, November 30, through Friday, December 11***, I'll have two Family Four Packs of tickets to give away every day on Mornings with the Traceys at 7:41 and 8:41 a.m. If you get through at 888-691-9150, the test will begin. What level of Jedi are you...a Padawan, a Jedi Knight, or a Master Jedi? We'll find out and determine if you're geek enough to attend my special viewing on Friday, December 18 at Carmike Cinemas in Peoria.

Oh, and if you make it in...start dreaming up your costume! The person who wins tickets from WCIC AND arrives in the best Star Wars attire that night will win a brand new 55" Flat Screen TV from Shermans

Brush up on your knowledge of The Force and get ready to play this Monday! I'll leave you with the lasting words of that famous green Jedi: Do or do not...there is no try.


- Grandmaster Jeremy

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*** This film has received a PG-13 rating for sci-fi action violence. Please use discretion in inviting younger children along for this event. Also please note that, for programming reasons, the contest will not take place on Friday, December 4.

Click here for the contest rules.

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