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Introducing Savannah Wall from Bradford. This 13-year-old is our newest Cool Kid of the Week!Savannah has helped out as Game Director at the AWANA program at First Baptist Church in Bradford where she's been attending her entire life. That's pretty cool. But, what's really special is the gift Savannah recently gave to her 11-year-old brother, Andrew. Many teen girls like to keep a distance from their little brothers. But Savannah jumped at the chance to donate bone marrow for Andrew who's been battling cancer for a couple of years. With his big sister's help, Andrew underwent a bone marrow transplant on Tuesday, April 24. And, Savannah says he's already doing better! She was excited that she could give her brother the gift of life.

A seventh grader at Bradford Jr High, Savannah says she likes to play sports and eat. So, she's pretty much a typical teenager. A typical teenager who's done some cool things for others and Jesus!

Congrats on being Cool Kid of the Week, Savannah. Enjoy your Cool Kid of the Week Prize Pack: a WCIC t-Shirt, a special keychain, and passes for two for a free movie, pop, & popcorn at Landmark Cinemas in Peoria.

Think you know who should be our next Cool Kid of the Week? There are two Fridays left to honor cool kids doing cool things for Jesus. Make a nomination today!

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