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Cool Kid of the Week

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Introducing our FINAL Cool Kid of the Week for the school year, 12-year-old Caroline Ricketts of Peoria!

Caroline was nominated by her Grandmother, Barbie Ricketts, who has this to say about the 6th-grader at Thomas Jefferson School: I am always amazed at her spiritual soul. A very kind girl whose love for others just comes easy. She helps at Lutheran Hillside Village, a retirement community in Peoria, every Sunday and pushes the wheel chairs, helps give communion/takes offering and then goes down and volunteers in the dining room. Since she was eight years old, she has always said she wanted to be like Jesus and help others. At LHV, they even invited her to the volunteer luncheon because she loves to help so much. She is a very mature girl who invites all her friends to church and always finds good in others. She even wrote a beautiful letter for my father's funeral.  I know I'm her Grandmother but she has made us all proud with her accomplishments and beautiful personality.

You'll hear some of that beautiful personality this afternoon when Caroline joins us at 4:11 on WCIC. You might also hear a little about her love for American Girl and the Theater, too.

Congrats on being this year's final Cool Kid of the Week, Caroline. Keep up the great work for Jesus and we hope you enjoy your Cool Kid of the Week prize pack: a WCIC t-Shirt, a special keychain, and passes for two for a free movie, pop, & popcorn at Landmark Cinemas in Peoria.

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