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Cut your grocery bills in half? Help from Hearts at Home founder and CEO Jill Savage...

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Who doesn't love a good deal? https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BHSk43LCYAEC_Kf.jpg:large

For a few years now, I've dabbled off and on in the wonderful {read: overwhelming} world of coupons. I've bugged friends for advice, devoured old episodes of Extreme Couponing on Netflix, and even had a few tastes of success, saving over $57 once on a week's worth of groceries. Sadly though, I've yet to develop a strategy for consistent victory.

Fast forward to oh, about three weeks ago, and Jeremy has entered the game. For many reasons, the Traceys are getting serious about a much tighter household budget and my hubs is championing the cause. I never thought the day would come when the love of my life would turn to me and say, "Wanna help me find coupons?"

The problem is we're still confused as to HOW to find those deals, so we went to the expert. Jill Savage of Hearts at Home started cutting her grocery bills in half ... yes in HALF ... two years ago when she and her husband transitioned to a new life that included losing 75% of their income. So, even with teenage boys in the house, Jill has learned the couponing ropes. And learned them well.

We chatted with Jill this morning and she shared some of those lessons learned...

Part One:

Part Two:

1. It takes TIME to prepare for the deals.

She spends about an hour getting her deals ready before heading to the store and usually visits one to three different stores on a deal-shopping expedition, something she does about once a month.

2. You need to know where to FIND the deals.

Jill wants to help with that...here are some resources she sent us:

Check out Jill Savage's super couponing blog post full of links and practical tips. There are even some great ideas and stories in the comments!

The "You Don't Have to be Extreme to Save Money" workshop featured at the annual Hearts at Home conference for moms. The CD and mp3 download are both available for purchase and contain lots of money saving strategies.

OH, and here's the blog Jill posted yesterday that prompted me to give her a call in the first place.

I hope these resources are helpful and would love to hear your money saving stories and ideas, too! Happy Couponing. 

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