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First Stop For The Popsicle Patrol!

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b2ap3_thumbnail_PP1-A.jpgJeremy and I had a blast handing out popsicles and bubbles at the River West Apartments near downtown Peoria this afternoon. {At this location we were also able to treat folks to a gift card for a free Ice Dream at Chick-fil-A in Peoria!}  

b2ap3_thumbnail_PP1-B.jpgWho doesn't love the sweet smile of a kiddo who just received some cold yumminess on a super hot day? 

b2ap3_thumbnail_PP1-C.jpgWhere will the Popsicle Patrol pop up next? I'll never tell...but I can say this: Rock Falls, Chillicothe, and Springfield, you might see us soon! 



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