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Half our Stuff...can we live without it?

Posted by on in Half Our Stuff in 2012

The other day an idea popped into my head. It was one of those, "Huh, where'd that come from?" kind of thoughts. So, I shared it with Jeremy, who of course LOVED IT! Here it is:

What if we got rid of half our stuff?!

Could we live without it? Of course! Would it actually make life easier? Probably. Less to clean. Less to maintain. Less to store. Fewer choices are easier because our brains are less overwhelmed, right?

Sounds like a Tracey Family Challenge to me. The first target: Our bedroom, specifically our CLOTHES. I'm confident we regularly wear way less than 50% of what we own anyway, so why store the rest? Unless piles of t-Shirts simply are happier next to other piles of t-Shirts. It is it cruel to say goodbye after they've sat unappreciated for so many years? Hmmm...nah! It's time to liberate that laundry! The work begins this weekend. I'll keep you updated on our progress...or lack thereof. ;)

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