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Half our Stuff...can we live without it? - Update

Posted by on in Half Our Stuff in 2012

A lot of friends have asked how we're doing with getting rid of 50% of our stuff in 2012. My short answer is: we're making progress. But, there's so much more to it than that. I'm convinced that somehow anything placed in a child's room magically mates with something else in said room and produces not just another something but an entire litter of somethings. The same seems to happen with anything placed on our kitchen counter or the top of our desk, just maybe not at so dramatic a pace. Hence, purging is a process NOT an event. Living simply is a lot of work. You have to maintain the simplicity. Yesterday was a maintenance day. Alyssa and I went through her clothes and her toys and came up with two large garbage bags stuffed full to give away to those in need. This load is headed to Helping Hands Resale Shoppe in Chillicothe where it will help families in the area and other non-profit groups and communities around the world! Just about an hour and the work was done. So much better than the entire day it took to organize her room in the first place. And there are so many benefits. Keeping our home free of the clutter. Getting our daughter involved in being responsible for her little part of the world and helping others in the rest of it. And, we get to make it fun. By the way...has anyone seen Alyssa? ;)

How often do you have to declutter and what do you do to make it fun?

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