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Have you Made this Yet?

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Last night I was on dinner duty, which was a little strange since Jeremy's been cooking so much lately. But, he wasn't feeling well, so I offered to make the recipe we'd heard so much about and couldn't wait to try at home: Sausage Egg Roll in a Bowl. Doesn't the name just suck you in? Yes. Yes it does.

I love it for three simple reasons:

1. In the words of England's Mary Berry, it was SCRUMMY. Translation: Out of this world deliciousness on a fork.

2. It required very few ingredients...you probably already have some of them.

3. It was SUPER EASY.

Now, I should say my 12-year-old daughter wasn't a fan. It surprised me that she wasn't, buy hey, more for Mom and Dad! If you're way ahead of me and have made SEIAB dozens of times already...tell me why you love it and any changes you've made to the recipe that make you love it even more. Here's the recipe: SAUSAGE EGG ROLL IN A BOWL

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