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It's the little things

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b2ap3_thumbnail_appliance-carpet-chores-38325_20180918-192909_1.jpgCOMMENT WITH YOUR SMALL WIN for A DIGITAL HIGH FIVE!

I cleaned the living room.

Boom. Mic Drop. Etc. Yep, I cleaned the living room yesterday and THAT is exactly what I am celebrating today. 

If you have a chronic pain disorder you know why this is a big deal. For me to feel well enough to dust the entire room, getting up into the corners of the ceiling and also swiping the baseboards; to vacuum the whole area, including the cat hair on the curtains and the couch; and to do some general tidying, that's a big deal. Most days I'm happy to just make it back home to flop on that couch and rest. But, hey, even if you don't live with chronic pain, maybe you have three toddlers who all want your attention throughout the day, or you're a working mom or dad. You get it. The little wins feel ginormous!

What are you celebrating today? Let's celebrate those small victories together.


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