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Just Driving!

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Ever since the new law (prohibiting drivers in Illinois from using phones unless they're hands free) went into effect on January 1, I've been ditching my cell every time I get behind the wheel. I have to say, it's been kinda nice. A few moments of broken contact with the rest of the world really aren't that bad after all. Remember the days before smart phones, flip phones, and even those huge bag phones? {If you can't remember that far back, please don't say so.} Yeah, we had to wait until we arrived at our destination before we could get in touch with anyone who wasn't actually in the same car. We couldn't check texts or email on the commute to work; it was all waiting patiently for us when we got there. Oh, and it wasn't email and texts. It was post-its and voice-mail and  those little "While You Were Out..." slips of paper.  

It's great to have information at our fingertips...I love it! But, can it wait a few minutes? I think so. And, if I'm honest, it wasn't just the calling. Simply having the phone in my hand made it oh-so-tempting to take a peek at that text that just dinged in my box, or to see if I'd received the email I'd been waiting for, or to reply to a comment on Facebook. By the way, I have a few friends who are police officers. I'm pretty sure they'd say I can't be arrested for admitting this after the fact.

My point is, not having the phone at all while I'm driving has been good for me. I'm focusing more on the task at hand instead of wondering, "Hmm, what can I get done while I'm just driving?" Yes, that's right. Apparently I've multi-tasked myself into considering the safe operation of two and a half tons of plastic, rubber, and steel as JUST driving. I'm sure glad surgeons don't do this. "What else can I do while I'm just opening up this person's BODY?" OK, so maybe it's not that bad, but I can't help but think the roads are a little safer for me, and the drivers around me, now that I'm leaving the phone in my purse until I put the car back into park. 

How about you? Now that we've lived with this new law for a month, are you all outfitted with a Bluetooth or do you pocket the phone until later? Either way, I would wager that we're all a little less distracted these days. 

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