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Let the purging begin!

Posted by on in Half Our Stuff in 2012

Yesterday was Declutter Day One in the Tracey house. We've begun that journey to getting rid of half our stuff in 2012!

I asked Jeremy to get a "before" photo of the mess in our closet and this is what he sent me. Really? This doesn't look messy at all. I wish you could see the floor of the closet and all of the junk we'd pulled out already. I think my sweet hubby was afraid to get too real for the blogosphere.

We worked for an hour or so yesterday on both the closet and our dresser and came away with four or five stuffed-full, large garbage bags which are currently residing in the back of our car until we can make a trip to the Mission Mart. Ah, feels good. So much lighter!

However, we still have a lot to do because probably 25-30% of our stuff was sitting downstairs in the laundry. So, next weekend the purging continues. This time I'll take some photos that show a little more realistic view of the mounds of unnecessary articles of clothing.

On a side note, we've found once again that overzealous decluttering can be dangerous! Yesterday as I went to look for the large piece of construction paper Alyssa's teacher had sent home for her 100-Day art project, I couldn't seem to locate it. Hmmm..."Jeremy, have you seen that big red sheet of paper for Alyssa's project?" "The one that was on the desk? Oh, I threw that away." Oops! Therefore, I'll leave you with a word of warning, my fellow organizing friend: Declutter with care!

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