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Letting go...a little at a time

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My daughter had a play-date on Sunday. At the other girl's house. Without me.

Now that I write it, it seems like nothing at all. My daughter went to play with a friend...so what? Well, it's the first time we've ever planned for her to go to a home she'd never been to before, without Mommy or Daddy along. I thought (hoped?) she wouldn't go for it. She would want Mommy there. But, she couldn't wait.

I couldn't wait for it to be over.

You're right. It's no big deal, just another sign that she's growing into the independent adult she'll eventually be. It's all about letting go isn't it?

This Mommy thing is such a paradox. You give up everything to accept a gift that will one day willingly walk away from you. And then you're supposed to be happy. {SIGH} I guess we will be when that time comes. But, it's a thought that takes getting used to. Like, 18 years or so of getting used to.

Yesterday we honored Veterans on the air, which is always a privilege. But, hearing from the parents never fails to grip my heart. They call to honor sons and daughters who stand in harm's way...willingly. They had to let them go do that. They had to let them go...period. I guess it all started when they let them visit a friend's house they'd never been to before, without Mommy or Daddy along.

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