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Motivation Roll Call

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Whether your New Year's goal is to eat better, exercise more, get out of debt, or something else, there will come a time {maybe it's arrived?} when you need a little motivation to keep moving forward. Where do you find that? Is it in a book, an app, or a blog? Is it a friend or loved one who offers wisdom? Share your source of inspiration in a comment below. In the meantime...here are a few we heard about this morning on the show:

Apps to keep you on track:

Run Keeper - Jeremy's pick to stay on track with exercise and fitness.

You Version - My fave for getting into the Word a little bit everyday. I'm using the daily devotional plan right now. I've only missed one day so far. :)

Daily Bible - This keeps Becki from Morton reading everyday.

She Reads Truth - Melissa says this is a great app with inspiring emails, too!

 Web Sites to encourage you:

Proverbs31.org - Dianne from Lincoln says the Proverbs 31 Ministries site lifts her up everyday, especially with the daily devotions that arrive in her inbox.

Inspiring Videos:

Tim says he watches this everyday and it gives him the strength for the day!

Finally, we can't forget Craig's suggestion...he says he simply goes daily to his Bible to find all the motivation he needs!

What keeps you going? 

Happy 2015,


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