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Play Date FAIL

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Yesterday, we invited one of my daughter’s friends over for a couple of hours. We’d be picking up and dropping off. No adult besides the hubs and me would step foot inside our home. And yet, I still felt the need to ”suggest” that Jeremy tidy up a bit while Alyssa and I went to pick up the boy I apparently thought would be waiting white-gloved, all ready to inspect for dust and clutter. Why should I be anxious for anyone to come to my home, let alone an EIGHT year old? Don’t kids just want to play? I was too tied up in what other people think. Well, I don’t know if I can chalk this up to God’s sense of humor or sheer coincidence, but I was about to be cured of my concern.

After Alyssa and her bud inhaled dinner so they could get back to the fun, I was contentedly clearing and rinsing dishes, thinking that everything was going so well. Then, you could audibly hear that little bubble burst with a yell from my cherub:


Mom-my!!! Guess what Lane and I found up here?


What did you find?

Tibby POOP under my bed!

This was a new one. Hairballs, a little kitty puke, sure we’d experienced those precious gems. But POOP outside of the litter box? Our furry friend had decided to test out a new skill just in time for company.

I had to laugh as I ran upstairs to find Lane using the flashlight on Jeremy’s iPhone to spotlight the discovery. As I sprang into action, I looked for the humor in the situation rather than the mortification of informing Lane’s mom of this moment.  What was I worried about? This is a woman with four kiddos. She’s been a pet owner herself and she’s trained as a chiropractor. She’s also served in the military. Basically, she’s seen, heard, and smelled more than I can imagine. A little kitty stuff was not going to phase her.

So, I was feeling all good about how I was coping with the poo when another shout came from the second floor:

Mom-my! Army of ants in my ROOM!!!

The army turned out to be a small troop of about a dozen…but still, another opportunity for growth! I just hope I’ll remember this the next time we have guests. Stuff happens. You laugh. You get over it. Besides, we invite people over because we like them, not to impress them with our clean home or extreme hospitality.

Come to think of it, my story’s really not that bad. I’m sure you've lived through far worse and have even talked yourself off the “I need to switch my daughter to another school now” ledge.

I’d love to read your “play date fail” story in a comment below.

Have a great Monday!


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