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Our friend and coworker, Abby, is getting married tomorrow and oh, the memories! One of my favorite moments from our own celebration over 11 years ago is the morning after the big day. Family and close friends gathered at our brand new apartment in Charlotte, NC to have an early lunch and watch us open our gifts. I was so excited to see the items we'd had so much fun registering for as we tore through boxes and paper. Wouldn't it be great to have another shower after each major anniversary...say, every ten years or so?

Anywho, one gift that remains cherished in our home is a collection of family recipes that I've loved over the years and have attempted at times to reproduce for my hubs. More than anything, I think it's the time and love that went into assembling the binder. It just spoke love to me as I began my marriage adventure with Jeremy. And, it spoke to the longevity of the marriages before ours.

As I ponder the best gift to give Abby and her soon-to-be, Erik, I realize I'm not a lifelong friend or family member. The gift I give will be more practical than meaningful. Maybe even a gift card and some nice written words. However, I think the BEST GIFT Jeremy and I may give to the handsome couple is to STAY AWAY. As we're both struggling with coughs, sniffles, and scratchy voices, the last thing we'd want to do is pass these lovely germs to them just as they depart for the ole honeymoon. SIGH. Well, at least we'll be there in spirit.

What's the best gift you ever received for a wedding or shower? Why'd it mean so much to you?

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