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The Story You're Still Laughing About Years Later!

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b2ap3_thumbnail_kid-logic.jpgYou know you have one...a story of something one of your kids or grand kids said that still makes you laugh days, weeks, or years later. Share your Kid Logic story with me and maybe you'll hear it on the radio, weekdays at 6:21 and 8:21 am during Mornings with the Traceys on WCIC!

Click on the links below to hear some of my favorite Kid Logic Stories and don't forget to submit your story right here!

Piece of Me

Pigs Have Gas?

Sparkle Eyes

Tomato Juice = Red Hair?

Permanent Soap

Now it's your turn! Share your Kid Logic story in the comments or on the Kid Logic Facebook Page. Maybe your little logical one will make the entire WCIC Community smile.

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