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Young and DEBT Free!

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They're 25, married, college graduates, just starting out in life. And, oh yeah, they're completely DEBT FREE! 

How did Nicole and Ethan Hoinacki of Lincoln do it? They chatted with us this morning to give a little insight into what it took to pay off more than $42,000 in student loans in just two years. {And, yes, they even got to do their debt free scream with financial guru Dave Ramsey!}

Check out this morning's interview for a behind-the-scenes look at the Hoinackis' strategy for financial freedom:

Ethan & Nicole Chat - Part 1

Ethan & Nicole Chat - Part 2

And, they wanted to share their debt free scream with you! Pretty cool:



[Photo:  Courtesy of Ethan Hoinacki]
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