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Your Board Review - Acquire

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b2ap3_thumbnail_acquire-box.pngWIN your own copy of Acquire!!! Just leave a comment on this post by Thursday, March 3rd, at noon. The winner will be announced no later than Monday, March 7th, as a comment on today's post. Thanks to Just For Fun for the free game.


Hello! It's a special SUPER TUESDAY visit from me, Dr. Jer, and I'm ready to cast my vote on the board game Acquire by Avalon Hill Games. This strategy game for 3-6 players has you building hotels and acquiring other players' chains. But, oddly enough, not even one of the hotels is named Trump Tower. I guess they decided to keep the politics out of it. Smart move. 

Acquire builds steam and speed as the game play continues and you work on becoming a hotel dynasty. Here's my full review on Acquire, find out how many yeehaws I'm awarding this game.

Your Board Review - Acquire

Don't forget to leave a comment on this post. It automatically gets you the chance to win your own copy of Acquire from my friends at Just For Fun.

Now, go cast YOUR vote for this game night option.


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