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Your Board Review - Bargain Hunter

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WIN your own copy of Bargain Hunter by leaving a comment on this post by Monday, August 8th at noon. Your comment gets you automatically in the running! We'll announce the winner in a comment on the post by Tuesday, August 9th, thanks to our friends at Just for Fun.    

b2ap3_thumbnail_Bargain-Hunter-Blog-Image_20160801-141616_1.jpgHey everybody, Dr. Jer here to tell you about a game called Bargain Hunter. It's a card game for 3-4 players where you must sift through the junk to find the ultimate bargain! There are trump cards, irresistible offers, and a whole lot of useless stuff. Players progress through the rounds, gathering bargains, and whoever finishes the game with the most bargains and the least amount junk wins.

It's a game of deciding which items will hold their value and not become worthless. But the real question is...did I like it?

Your Board Review - Bargain Hunter

Leave a comment below for your chance to win your own copy of Bargain Hunter, thanks to my friends at Just for Fun in Peoria.



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