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Your Board Review - Flea Marketeers

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b2ap3_thumbnail_Flea-marketeers-game-play.jpgWIN your own copy of Flea Marketeers! Just leave a comment on this post by Thursday, March 10th, at noon. The winner will be announced no later than Monday, March 14th, as a comment on today's post. Thanks to Just For Fun for the free game.

Shopping! If there's anything Dr. Jer hates...it's shopping. However, you put shopping into a board game, and I'm interested. That's why today I'm reviewing the game Flea Marketeers by Gut Bustin' Games. In this game, you set up your own flea market area and then deal with and even try to swindle your neighbors. 

Will you like Flea Marketeers? Did I like Flea Marketeers? Listen to find out...

Your Board Review - Flea Marketeers

And, leave a comment below for your chance to win your own copy of Flea Marketeers, thanks to my friends at Just for Fun.


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