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Your Board Review - Geek Out!

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You can WIN your very own copy of Geek Out by leaving a comment on this post by Wednesday, July 13th at noon. Your comment on this post gets you automatically in the running!  We'll announce the winner in a comment on the post by Thursday the 14th. Thanks to our friends at Just for Fun for this awesome game!

b2ap3_thumbnail_Geek-Out-Board-Image.jpgHey, it's Dr Jer,the game guy!  Today I'm talking about a game called Geek Out! It’s a game for at least 2 people, and the object is to show your friends you know the most about geek culture! You have to list certain items that fall in the category on the card you draw, and if you can list the most items you get the card. Get the most cards and you win the game!

This game is a fun idea and we all know I'm the geekiest. Still though, the real question remains… did I like it?  

Your Board Review - Geek Out



Leave a comment below for your chance to win your own copy of Geek Out, thanks to my friends at Just for Fun.


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