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Your Board Review - Six

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WIN your own copy of Six! Just leave a comment on this post by Monday, April 18th, at noon. The winner will be announced no later than Wednesday, April 20th, as a comment below. Thanks to Just For Fun for the free game.

b2ap3_thumbnail_Six-game-play.pngHey there...it's Dr Jer, the Game Guy, here with another riveting review of an option for your next family night. Today I'm casting my razor-sharp gaze on the game Six. This is a seemingly simple game for two players or two teams of two players consisting of red and black hexagon shapes. The goal is to be the first player or team to connect six of your pieces on the board in one of three shapes before the other side blocks your moves. Like I said, it SEEMS simple but can be extremely difficult. It's a strategy game, for sure. But, did I like it? 

Your Board Review - Six

Leave a comment below for your chance to win your own copy of Six, thanks to my friends at Just for Fun.





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