Get to Know the Traceys

Jill and Jeremy

Jeremy says he’s a Master Communicator (which makes Jill roll her eyes just a little). But, Jeremy did receive his Master’s Degree in Communication from Wheaton College near Chicago. While there, he worked part time at the college’s radio station (WETN), WCFL in Morris, and WMBI in Chicago. He also interned in the newsroom at WGN in Chicago. These days Jeremy just loves talking about real life as a follower of Jesus. He also loves spending time with Jill, his wife (whom he met while working at a radio station in Charlotte, NC) and Alyssa, his daughter. If video games and chicken wings are included, it’s a perfect evening for Jeremy! His other interests include running, reading, and falling asleep on the couch while Jill watches a chick-flick.

Jill says she’s a friend of God, wife to Jeremy, and Mama to the most beautiful little princess in the world. Oh, and a radio girl. She’s been doing the radio thing for more than 16 years now and loves living her life on the air. Her goal? To help people remember that none of us is perfect! If her unorganized, rarely put-together life can help even just one person feel a little better about their own life, then Jill says she’s done her job. Besides, we’re all on this journey toward becoming our best for God together! When she’s not on the radio, Jill loves to read, watch movies while Jeremy falls asleep on the couch, and dabbles in the sport of running. She also can’t live long without snuggles, hugs, and kisses from her daughter, Alyssa.